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Stem cell Technology in Albany, GA

Stem Cell Technology


Stem Cell Technology

Dr. Justin M. Young, DDS, MD, works with cutting-edge technology to provide high-quality dental care and long-lasting oral health solutions. Stem cell technology is a revolutionary procedure that repairs soft and hard oral tissue damage due to advanced periodontitis, facial trauma, or bone resorption from missing teeth.

Why Do I Need Stem Cell Technology?

Stem cells are used for tissue engineering. You may need engineered tissue if you have large sections of missing bone or gum tissue due to the following conditions:

  • Gum recession: Severe periodontal disease, smoking, and poor oral health can lead to gum recession which exposes your tooth root, leaving it vulnerable to decay. Gum tissue cannot regenerate, so once it has pulled away from the tooth root and receded, you need a gum graft with engineered tissue to build up the gums.
  • Bone resorption: Missing teeth leads to bone resorption because there is no longer a tooth root or bite pressure to stimulate the production of bone cells. Without adequate stimulation, the body reabsorbs bone tissue, causing your jawbone to weaken. Poor jawbone density can cause your face to appear sunken and aged. It can also prevent you from receiving dental implants to restore your smile.
  • Nerve damage: If you have sustained nerve damage due to trauma, poor dental health, or oral cancer, stem cell technology may be able to regenerate your facial nerve cells to restore functionality. Human gingiva-derived mesenchymal stem cells (GMSCs) can be manipulated to differentiate into various nerve cell types, such as Schwann cells, the building blocks for the peripheral nervous system.


Benefits of Stem Cell Technology

Although grafting procedures are highly effective for regenerating bone tissue, there is a significant recovery time. It typically takes between three and nine months to heal from a bone graft, depending on the surgery’s complexity and your immune health.

Stem cell technology offers a much faster healing time. Stem cells also provide a better chance of recovery and a lower rejection rate. Stem cells regrow the original tissue and bone, which will restore the tissue’s form and functionality and do not require taking bone or tissue from another place in the body.


What Are the Different Kinds of Stem Cell Treatments

There are three major types of stem cell treatments: embryonic, perinatal, and adult stem cells. These types refer to the source of the stem cells that are reprogramed to heal your body.

  • Embryonic stem cells: These cells come from cloned human embryos. Their original genetic code is removed and replaced with the DNA necessary to regrow your tissue. These are often seen as the most effective stem cells, but their use, at the moment, is more limited.
  • Perinatal stem cells: These stem cells usually come from placental tissues and were the first type of stem cells used for treatment, though their use is diminishing.
  • Adult stem cells: This treatment uses your own stem cells to create tissue. This is often seen as the best option as they are already a match for your body and contain your genetic code. As you age, the number of stem cells declines, and recoding them becomes more challenging.

As these treatments are cutting edge and not without risks, your doctor will discuss the risks, potential benefits, and costs involved with this procedure.

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Dr. Justin M. Young is at the forefront of stem cell treatment technology. After a comprehensive examination, he can discuss your treatment options to help you make an informed decision for your oral health. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Justin M. Young, DDS, MD, today using our online form to learn more.

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